CREAM PRIME is a company created and directed by skaters that starts due to the problem generated by the abrasion of conventional grip.

grip creamprime not abrassive

After 2 years of carrying out different tests, we managed to find out the solution to the problem.

creamprime grip

Now, we bring the opportunity to save some money and help skater communities with CreamGrip.


The project has a social component, which we call Social Skate that consists in donating a CreamGrip to a community of skaters in developing places for each CreamGrip sold.


To carry out this social work CreamPrime has the collaboration of different NGOs such as SkatePAL and Megabi Skate.

The children of Afghanistan and Ethiopia build skills and confidence through skateboarding and education to create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

There are already many skaters who collaborate with initiatives like this, such as
the legendary Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk
I support Skateistan because I believe that skateboarding can be a catalyst for positive change, especially among children.