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Megabi Skate was founded in 2005 by Israel Dejene, who saw how children in her neighbourhood were at risk of exclusion and wanted a way to involve them and inspire them to stay positive. She watched as some of the neighbourhood’s children slid across the asphalt with plastic boards attached to the bottom of their shoes. As a skateboarder, Israel saw an opportunity to help children in the neighbourhood through skateboarding. As a tool for involving children, developing self-esteem, confidence and an alternative lifestyle to street problems, Megabi Skate was born.

Before crossing borders or seeking help from United Skates, Israel began to focus on the resources it had to find a solution and inspiration. He began using the only skate he owned and opened his home to create a safe space for children to skate, as well as to keep them off the streets.

Now we are working together so that all children in Megabi Skate can have a CreamGrip.


Skatelikelion is a non-profit association created to promote skateboarding in Ethiopia. The association arises from the experiences lived by the founders in this country and the need for children in this area of Ethiopia to have some form of leisure with which to train and distract. After having collaborated with other associations with the same aims in this country, we managed to create a skateboard scene in Konso, where until then was not known its existence.

Later, on September 8, 2018, we managed to finish the construction of a place where we could practice it. We call it Karat Skatepark.


Ethiopia Skate was formed in 2013 in the Sarbet parking lot in Addis Ababa. We work to help young people in Ethiopia by giving them access to skateboarding materials and creating spaces for skating. Our community is made up of more than 150 skaters in the capital of Ethiopia and other small towns across the country, and many more who are eager to join.

In April 2016, we teamed up with Make Life Skate Life and a team of more than 60 volunteer skatepark builders and skaters from around the world to build Ethiopia’s first and only free public skatepark, Addis Skatepark.

Since February 2016 we are a registered non-profit organization in the USA, allowing us to accept tax-deductible donations to further fund our efforts in Ethiopia.

More recently, in November 2017, we built Ethiopia’s second free community skatepark, Hawassa Skatepark.


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