Megabi Skate was founded in 2005 by Israel Dejene who saw kids in his neighborhood falling through the cracks in the system and wanted a way to engage and inspire them to stay positive. He watched as some of the kids in the neighbourhood were sliding down the asphalt with plastic fixed to the bottom of their shoes. As an individual who was quickly developing a passion for skateboarding Israel saw an opportunity to empower the kids in the neighborhood. As a tool to engage the kids, to develop self-esteem, confidence, and an alternative lifestyle to the troubles on the streets Megabi Skate was born.

Before crossing borders or seeking help from the United Skates, Israel began to focus on the resources he had to find solution and inspiration. He began using the one and only skateboard he owned and opened his home to create a safe space for the kids to skate as well as to keep them off the streets.

Now we are working together to provide all  Megabi Skate children a CreamGrip.




SkatePAL is a non-profit organization that works with communities throughout Palestine to enhance the lives of young people and promotes the benefits of skateboarding. Since 2013, our ongoing presence and award-winning projects have reached hundreds of young people across the West Bank and won acclaim and recognition from supporters around the world.

We are run by a committed team of local and international volunteers who, through teaching skate classes, building skateparks and providing equipment, are enabling an ever-growing number of Palestinian skaters to empower themselves and inspire the next generation of Palestinian youth.

After selling 200 CreamGrip, the team of Cream Prime traveled to Israel and Palestine to donate 200 CreamGrip to SkatePAL.  It was a unique experience that we’ll never forget thanks to Jerusalem Skate Girls, the skaters of Palestine and Israel and especially to the volunteers, boys and girls of SkatePAL from which we filmed first Cream Prime tour: Shabath & Shekels.

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Second chapter

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With Skate-Aid we support kids in areas of conflict and deprivation by bringing skateboarding to their communities. In times of adversity, skateboarding brings unity, equality and a stable social environment enabling great growth in self-confidence, self-worth and most importantly good times.

Every little help can change something for these kids and transform a community and the future of it.

Supplying skateboards and skate equipment, building new skateparks are the main tools to provide education for a brighter, safer future.

Skateboarding knows no boundaries or war, skin color or hate, poor or rich:

Skateboarding unites!