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Pack 3 CreamGrip 3.0 + 3 Creamstick


CreamGrip is the first non-abrasive, reusable and waterproof grip tape for skate, long, surfskate and freestyle scooter that supports “Social Skateboarding”.

Thanks to the non-abrasive material from which it’s made, the CreamGrip doesn’t destroy your shoes, clothes or hurt your skin, can be reused and therefore save money.

“Social Skateboarding” previously consisted on donating a CreamGrip to NGOs such as SkatePal, Megabi Skate or Skate-Aid, which promote education through skateboarding in developing and / or conflict areas for each CreamGrip sold. But we realized that to really help we had to collaborate with an NGO for the long term. Hence our collaboration with Be in Africa ( was born with the aim of achieving the economic independence of the community through sports, artistic and entrepreneurship programs. Once the economic independence of the community is achieved, the objective is to disappear from Fort Portal (where we currently operate) and help another community.

Grip size: 23 x 84cm

CreamStick is the first adhesive in the world used for reusing the grip tape of your broken deck. Now you can reuse the same CreamGrip from your last board easily. Just check our video where we show step by step how to change your CreamGrip using the same CreamGrip from your broken deck easily.

Stick size: 23 x 84cm


Watch the video here.


WEIGHT: 1.5 kg
DIMENSIONS: 84 X 23 X 2 cm




* Guarantee: We will give you your money back if it does not meet your expectations!
More information about the guarantee here.


Buying this product, get a Cream Razor for only 1,50€ 


Cream Razor

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Weight1,5 kg
Dimensions84 × 23 × 2 cm
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