Sales privacy policy

All national and Portuguese orders are sent through Packlink Pro. Rates are pre-established based on Packlink Pro shipping prices, depending on the different couriers you work with. International customers are responsible for customs duties and/or brokerage fees, in addition to shipping costs assessed during the payment process. Please allow 1 business day to process the order and verify payment, and 4-6 additional business days for transit. Please check back with us periodically for updates on our shipping policies. Please contact if you have any questions.


Cream Prime is not responsible for orders where the customer enters an incomplete or incorrect shipping address. In case the product arrives correctly to Cream Prime’s facilities, if the client wishes, he would have to pay again the amount of the shipment to be able to correct the address and to send again the bought product, in case of not wanting the product, the client will have the right to receive the remaining amount of the caused expenses. If the product is lost having put the incomplete or incorrect address, Cream Prime will not support any expense.
In case the customer puts another address that is not his by mistake, Cream Prime will not be responsible for any expenses.

Cream Prime will not be responsible for any extra costs that may be incurred during the shipping process to the customer’s address, such as customs fees.In case the product is lost due to an internal error of the shipping company, Cream Prime is not responsible for the time of management of the situation, although it commits itself to do everything possible to speed up the situation by dealing with the corresponding shipping company. The client will receive the requested product as soon as the shipping company has solved the case.


How long does it take to ship international orders?
We provide Packlink Pro (depending on the destination area) with a transit time of between 2 and 6 days depending on the customs clearance process of your final destination county. This is the recommended service for all international orders.

What is your international refund and exchange policy?
Cream Prime cannot refund/cancel/exchange an international order when a customer “refuses” to pay the taxes/fees/fees associated with the import, and abandons the package. Customers are expected to pay the fees that accrue on their shipments, or their right to a refund will be denied.

How are international orders shipped?
International orders are processed and shipped through Packlink Pro and it is recommended for the most efficient transit times and door-to-door delivery time to choose the carrier convenient to the user.

Do you offer international prepaid return labels?
Cream Prime cannot provide any International Prepaid return labels for any refunds or returns. If you are returning an item due to an error in my Cream Prime, please contact us at our Customer Service email.

How can I contact you about my shipment?
For any additional questions about shipping, please contact our customer service representatives at: