Terms of use - Cream Prime

Product Policy:

  • 1 Grip: The product is rolled up on itself, with a label and instructions.


  • Pack Grip: The product comes stamped in sheets inside the packaging.

Service and Customer Service Policy:

In Cream we practice “social skateboarding”, that consist on donating a CreamGrip to a NGO such as Skate Like Lion, SkatePAL and Uganda Skate Union, that educate children in conflict and/or undeveloped areas through skateboarding, for each CreamGrip sold.


Prior notification of the files to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

When on our website we collect personal data, whether from customers, users, potential customers, etc., we must proceed to notify all these files containing personal data to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), an obligation that must be performed prior to the start of data processing tasks.

Forms of data collection: Obligation of information. When the website uses a form to collect personal data of users or customers, or to allow subscription to a newsletter or community, it is mandatory to include a legal notice on data protection, whose content must inform of what following (Article 5 of the Organic Law 15/1999, of Protection of Personal Data):


  1. a) of the existence of a file or data processing
    b) the purpose of its collection and the recipients of the information
    c) of the obligatory or optional nature of the answer to the questions that are posed
    d) the consequences of obtaining the data or the refusal to supply them
    e) of the possibility of exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition
    f) of the identity and address of the person responsible for processing the data. To comply with this obligation, it is necessary to place a specific legal notice clearly visible just below the form, or insert a link permanently visible on the Web to our privacy policy.

Security measures:

The creation and maintenance of a personal data file requires the application of certain security measures, both technical and organizational, which may vary depending on the greater or lesser sensitivity of the data that comprise it.

  • Duty of secrecy The fact that a person has provided us with their personal data obliges us to maintain the confidentiality of them and not to disclose them to any other entity unless we have informed them that we are going to transfer their data and have obtained their consent.
  • Attention to rights The people who have given us their data have the right to know what data we have of them and why, to request that we change or cancel them as well as oppose the treatment we perform with your data.

    They are the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.

  • Data processing contract When the website on which we collect personal data is hosted on the servers of another company, a computer specialist that is not from our company do the maintenance of the website or a company is going to lend us a data processing service and consequently will have access to the information in our database.


Obligations regarding the sending of emails commercial

 As a general rule, it is prohibited to send advertising communications or Promotions by email or SMS, if the recipient has not previously requested or, where appropriate, has not authorized us in advance and expressly to send them. However, if we maintain a contractual relationship with the recipient prior, that is, if you are already our client, we can send you communications twenty regarding products or services of our company, provided that these they are similar to those that were initially the object of contracting by this one.

In any case, both at the time of collecting the data of the recipient, and within of every commercial communication that we send you, we must also inform you on the aforementioned data protection issues, to offer you the possibility of stopping receiving this type of communications, putting their provision a simple and free means, such as sending an email email to a certain address or through a form on our page Web. When we send an electronic communication of a commercial nature or advertising, it is essential that the recipient can identify it as such. By It is mandatory to include at the beginning of the message the word “advertising” or the abbreviation “ads”. In addition, the company making the promotion must identify itself clearly. If the content of the message is about offers or contests Promotional items, such as discounts, prizes and gifts, must be included clearly conditions of access or participation, or indicate where they may be consult.

Obligations regarding the capture of information about cookies

When in the website use cookies or other storage and recovery devices of data, which are installed on the user’s computer, to store information necessary for the user to navigate through our website, you must inform clear and complete way about its use and purpose, as well as offer them the possibility of rejecting the processing of data through a simple procedure and free. This obligation can be fulfilled, for example, by informing about it in the legal notice or in the contracting conditions of the website, as well as informing about how they can refuse the installation of these files through the navigation programs that the user uses.

Mandatory information that the website must offer In one place permanently accessible from the Web page, relative information should appear to the owner of it. This obligation is contained in article 10 of the LSSICE.


Online contracting

 When you can buy products or hire services on a website, the Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, establishes the following obligations:

– Inform the user during the entire process of:
a) The different procedures that must be followed to celebrate the contract. Plan of viability of a virtual urban and extreme sports store.
b) If the provider is going to file the electronic document in which the contract and if it is going to be accessible.
c) The technical means available to identify and correct errors in the introduction of the data.
d) The language or languages in which the contract may be formalized.
e) General conditions to which, if applicable, the contract should be subject, enabling that these can be stored and reproduced by the recipient.
– Confirm to the user the reception of their acceptance once finished the hiring process, what we will do for any of the following means:
a) Sending an acknowledgment by email or other means of communication equivalent to the address that the user has indicated, within the term of the twenty-four hours after receipt of acceptance.
b) Generating a confirmation of the acceptance received, as soon as the acceptor has completed the procedure, as long as the latter can file the confirmation.

Shipping terms:

Cream Prime is not responsible for those orders in which the customer enters an incomplete or incorrect shipping address. In case that the product arrives correctly at the installations of Cream Prime, if the customer wishes, he would have to pay the shipping amount again in order to correct the address and send the purchased product again, in case he does not want the product, the customer will have the right to receive the remaining amount of the expenses incurred. If the product is lost having the address incomplete or incorrect, Cream Prime will not bear any expenses.

In the case that the customer puts another address that is not theirs by mistake, Cream Prime will not be responsible for any expenses. Cream Prime is not responsible for any extra expenses that may be incurred during the shipment to the customer’s address such as customs charges.

In case the product is lost due to an internal error of the shipping company, Cream Prime is not responsible for the time of management of the situation, although it undertakes to do everything possible to expedite it by dealing with the corresponding shipping company, the customer will receive the requested product as soon as the shipping company has resolved the case.



We’ll refund your money if CreamGrip doesn’t meet your expectations!

In Cream Prime we think about you, that’s why we will give you back the money if in 10 hours skateboarding you haven’t got used to CreamGrip* (*the product must be returned with all its contents in the original packaging). If you have paid using any promotion, the amount paid will be refunded.)

Product return must be made within 14 days of receiving the product by contacting customerservice@creamprime.com so it can be collected at the address indicated by the customer. The customer can choose between the return of his money, the exchange of the product for another of equal value or a purchase coupon in the store for the amount of the product returned. The customer may specify a new shipping address specified previously (before the return is executed).
Money will be returned in the account within a maximum period of 5 working days from the receipt of the product, ensuring that the return procedure has been correct. Cream Prime is not responsible for the shipping costs associated with the return of the product.

If you have used the Cream Prime custom services for the CreamGrip using the laser printer, you will not have the right of withdrawal.

product return term:

Since the buyer receives the product, it has a period of seven business days to return the product. It should be taken into account that the buyer cannot be penalized in case he decides to use his right of withdrawal. The buyer is not obliged to indicate any reason. All products cannot be returned as there are limitations, among others, for example, perishable products, song files, etc. Having exercised this right, the seller must return the full amounts to the buyer, except for the shipping costs of the product, within a maximum period of thirty days.

Damaged products:

When the product that we have sent must be repaired or replaced because it doesn’t work, it must be taken into account that both the repair and replacement must be free for the consumer and user, that is, they cannot be charged for the expenses that must be made to repair or replace the product, especially shipping costs, as well as costs related to labor and materials.

Promotions and discounts policy:

Discounts and promotions will be applicable only to the products indicated on the website, this will be carried out by means of a discount at the end of the “basket” or by inserting a discount code. Customers who send us audiovisual material with our brand will enjoy unique discounts