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CreamGrip is a rubber grip with adhesive tape on one of its faces. CreamGrip is the first non-abrasive and reusable grip, that also supports “Social Skateboarding” in the world.

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CreamGrip 2.0. is the first non-abrasive, reusable, that also supports “Social Skateboarding” in the world.



CreamGrip 2.0. is the first grip that does not rip your shoes, one of the most annoying problems that a skater faces. Thanks to its properties, skating with CreamGrip will increase the life of your shoes.

Social Skateboarding


The project has a social component, which we call “Social Skateboarding” that consists in donating a CreamGrip 2.0. to a community of skaters in developing places for each CreamGrip 2.0. sold.



You can remove the CreamGrip 2.0. from your skate and put it in another whenever you want, so you save money not buying a new grip. Simply separate the CreamGrip 2.0. from the adhesive and replace it with a new one to be able to use it again.

What is CreamGrip 2.0.?

How to use CreamGrip 2.0.?


How to reuse your CreamGrip

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Sergio Lucea
Perfect for getting started and not wearing your slippers
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Francesc Boix
This griptape can save you a lot of money
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Dimensions 23 × 5 × 5 cm

20 reviews for CreamGrip 3.0

  1. Jon

    It costs a bit to get used to but then the experience is very good. Highly recommended!

  2. Ben

    It’s really worth getting used to CreamGrip. My shoes are a little bit dirty, but not destroyed.

    Thanks, Cream!!!! I was looking for this for a long time!!

  3. Fran infante

    I think we should give this grip an opportunity, it’s a really worth it invention for my favourite sport

  4. Adam

    I bought it a couple of weeks ago, riding it almost every day, my shoes still the same as the first day. This Grip is definitely the future…

  5. Ingrid

    I have been skating normal griptape for a while and have gone through so many pairs of shoes so quickly and after having this cream grip for a while its keeping my shoes nice and unrippped. The cream is a wallet saver.

  6. Nikita

    Despite only 4 stars I really like this grip. Shoes got coloured with black after usage, but they in the same condition as I bought them – it’s insane!
    From cons – I stick it on glue because default cream stick didn’t last first two weeks, I also have some grip destructions near the corners.
    I hope they will launch shipping to Russia and I could save money on reshipping to buy a new one :-)
    Thanks a lot, creamprime! Hope you would move forward and give us an opportunity to save our shoes)

  7. Ben

    For the 1st time it was a little hard to apply than normal griptape but I know I’ll do a better job in the future. I was using Mobgrip before but we all know it’s a shoe killer. This CreamGrip is has just as much grip if not better (leaning towards better!!) than Mob. Shoe’s stay fresh so I can order more expensive shoe’s if I want. Now I have the peace of mind knowing they wont look like I got them from the thrift store a week later. CreamGrip 4 life!!

  8. Erik

    saves my shoes, while getting the same if not better grip than normal griptape. I have been telling everyone about my non-abrasive griptape and the social skateboarding!!!!

  9. Jimmy

    This stuff saves your shoes and feels just like normal grip. It feels slippery at first but after around an hour I got used to it and now I love it. I can finally enjoy nice looking shoes and skate at the same time without having the embarrassment of having torn up shoes that are drowned in shoe goo… I love the project and I recommend CreamGrip to all of my friends!

  10. Chris

    I love this grip tape a lot, People is always asking about it at the local park. I’ve always given them all the information I can about you guys, I love your idea, It’s saved me so much money! The grip is real! It’s not at all what you think it would be. The only differnece is the wear on your shoes. Buy this product, save money and support social skateboarding!! I’ve sent probably 30 people your way, so dont forget me when you need someone to help with the marketing on Germany. I got chu baby!!

  11. Seb

    This is hands down one of the greatest skateboarding innovation ever. does not rip shoes and feels like normal grip. Definently going to get again!!

  12. Maik

    Best purchase I’ve ever made. Worth every penny. No more ripped shoes!!

  13. James

    This stuff is amazing! My shoes aren’t even scuffed, and the CreamStick was worth the little bit of extra money for reusing it. When are they putting this in stores??

  14. Jacob

    I always hated when I’d get a new pair of skate shoes and rip them up that same day. So I was forced to buy the cheapest skate shoes possible, but now I don’t have to worry! These don’t do any damage to your shoes at all and can be reused! The more I buy the more I contribute to social skateboarding! Definitely buying more!

  15. Steve

    I managed to rip my shoes in two weeks with regular grip tape, with the CreamGrip, a new pair of shoes held on for half a year! (and even then it ripped from stepping on broken glass…)

  16. Max

    My son expressed interest in your griptape…so I thought I would surprise him and made a purchase for Christmas. Unfortunately my package got lost in the Correos system. I contacted Cream and Sergio immediately shipped a replacement and it arrived on Christmas Eve. Kudos for your awesome customer service!
    As for the griptape…my son loves it. He highly recommends it. As a parent, I love it even more. You have no idea how many shoes he has gone through. Not only me, my bank account thanks you too!

  17. Luke

    I never imagine that it could exist a griptape like this!! Is pretty grippy, feel comfortable to my feet and I can do the tricks in my skateboard like with a board with normal sandpaper griptape. Also, it has his advantages, like the fact that didn’t rip the skate shoes and can be reused, which is good for my budget! XD. Thank you for making this great product Cream Prime and supporting social skateboarding with your grip, you’re the best!!!

  18. Pat

    I used regular sandpaper style tape for a couple of months and it was too hard on my thumb. This tape saved my thumb, my sneakers and my money. I really like being able to skate with any pair of shoes without worrying about ruining them. Would buy again. Recommend the Creamstick for reusing too!

  19. Erik

    saves my shoes, while getting the same if not better grip than normal griptape. I have been telling everyone about my non-abrasive griptape and the social skateboarding!!!!

  20. mike

    After buying this griptape never needs to buy a new pair of shoes for skateboarding!

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